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Loppi, Lakeside property.


• Helsinki 80 km

• Turku 135 km

• Tampere 120 km

• Lahti 100 km

Onnenranta’s buildings:

• the main building

• lakeside sauna

• guest house

• Lapland hut with barbecue

• barbecue hut

• cot

• hot tub for 7 people

• trampoline, childrens’ playhut, frisbee golf, football goal and sand pit

 Welcome to Onnenranta home page

Come and enjoy pure and clean Finnish nature in a highly unique place in Loppi only 80 km from Helsinki.


Enjoy the comfortable and high quality villa in a peaceful area by the lake and nature conservation area. There are no neighbours at the sight so Onnenranta is the most excellent opportunity to enjoy nature without distraction .


Onnenranta suits both for families with children and also for groups. We have plenty of activities for children and adults.

The beach is shallow and easy for children to go for a swim. You can also relax in a hot tub by the lake. The hot tub can be warmed even during the winter.



Onnenranta’s location is brilliantly midway the three biggest cities in southern Finland. It enables you to visit Helsinki , Turku and Tampere easily by a car.


Take a look Onnenranta and notice the large courtyard surrounded by trees and shoreline. Enjoy the views of the lake, hike in the forests, pick berries and mushrooms in the autumn, heat sauna and go fishing!


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